Admissions Into Rehab for Drugs Alcohol Addiction

Private admissions into rehab is typically swift and straightforward – we can help arrange your treatment, and admission is possible within 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

Alcohol Abuse

Most people drink responsibly – but for some, help is needed to recover from an addiction, which has often developed over many years. Denial is common – this happens when we don’t see a problem with our behaviour, and sometimes blame others – even our friends, family, colleagues. Lots of people are affected by one person’s addiction – but this can change.

Alcoholism affects many people – the addict, their friends, their families and colleagues and often, career prospects. Decision making becomes problematic after consistent alcohol abuse, but such symptoms can begin to reverse with treatment.

Are you concerned about alcohol abuse?

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Alcoholism means heavy drinking in spite of a variety of negative consequences. It is sometimes difficult for us to see the effect that drinking is having on us and the people we love and respect.

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Drug Abuse Inc. Prescription Dependence

Dependence on drugs typically develops from recreational use. For prescription drug abuse, dependence can take hold to follow surgery for pain management, for example.

Treatment is available for all types of drug addiction – ask us today about tailored programmes for your particular problem.

The impulse to keep taking the drug of choice is strong because following a period of use, our brain changes and develops ‘pathways’ making abstinence difficult to imagine. Rehabs often provide a detox service – a carefully managed process, following which, therapy begins where these ‘pathways’ can be addressed.

Therapy helps us understand how addiction works and how to stay clean and sober. For swift expert advice about you and your situation, give us a call today: 01865 50 37.

The combined effects of craving and withdrawal symptoms keep a person addicted – inpatient intensive therapy might be the answer you are looking for. Sobriety is possible for anyone wanting to make the change – you could do that today.

Signs of Addiction

Dependence on alcohol can mean that one drink is never enough. Do you recognise this in yourself? If so, you may find that you experience one or more of the following symptoms:


Increased tolerance

Can you drink more now than you used to be able to? Do you drink more than your friends, and have they mentioned it? An increase in tolerance to alcohol occurs gradually over time – and what was once recreational, is now a problem. If this describes a part of your situation – give us a call today and we can advise on detox services local to you and within your budget.



Have you noticed your hands shaking the day after you have been drinking? This is a common withdrawal symptom of alcohol abuse, and is often dealt with by ‘the hair of the dog’ – have you ever coped with withdrawal symptoms by drinking again?

This could be a sign that you are struggling with addiction – if you are keen to make changes to your life, then we can help you today.


Memory lapses / ‘blackouts’

Normal drinkers will not commonly experience blackouts – but for alcoholics, memory lapses can occur quite frequently. Help is available – to free yourself from the chains of addiction, act now.


Want to quit – but can’t

Most people suffering from addiction have made several attempts to quit prior to asking for professional help – this is not failing, it is learning that you cannot do this alone. There is help in the Oxford area – for more information, call our team.


Reduced social scene

What may begin as a lively social scene can often lead to a reduced network of friends as drinking patterns appear more and more distinct – between your tolerance and other people’s social drinking?

If your priority at the moment is based around your next drink – we can help you deal with this compulsion and show you how to become free.


Drinking to cope with life’s stresses

Life can be stressful – we work hard, and as a reward, we are taught to treat ourselves – and drinking culture encourages us to ‘let off steam’ through drinking with friends and colleagues.

Has your drinking morphed into something less social, and become something you depend on? Do you need advice on how to break free from your habit? At Oxford Rehab, we are very knowledgeable and experienced in addiction, treatment and the whole recovery process.