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Rehab Oxford is a free telephone-based service – our promise to you:

Customised approach to advising on addictions treatments options right for you Knowledgeable and experienced advisers ready to take your call Tailored options are provided in and around the Oxford and Nottinghamshire

We are a specialist advice service in Oxford/Oxfordshire.

We provide expert advice on all addictions and treatment options to suit your personal needs, your budget and the ideal location and quality of accommodation.

Residential rehab

We offer free advice about what rehab is – how it can work for you, and clinics to suit your needs, budget and preferred location.

Specialist Therapists – senior support

Addiction therapy is specialism within the broader fields of psychotherapy and counselling. Senior Therapists are commonly in recovery themselves, which is why they now work people in rehabs.

They know exactly how you feel – they’ve been there, and they’ve thrived in sobriety. This is good to know.

This creates a powerful atmosphere of …… empathy, care and first hand knowledgeable support.

Experienced, supportive team

We support you from today, to when you leave treatment, and for the early recovery years. We have chosen this career, because we love helping people – it is a vocation.

Qualified Recovery Support Team

Recovery support workers are often in recovery themselves – they may have even been treated in rehab, and following their experience, decided to train in the field of addiction.

Personal Recovery Manager

Personalised treatment typically means being allocated a Recovery Manager. This relationship is an important part of the recovery journey – you will build a strong bond – some people continue to meet up, years after treatment.

Style options – budget bed spaces to luxury suites

Typically, an executive option includes a large, private, en suite double bedroom for single occupancy. There are a number of options available – we can help you decide based on your particular budget.

Getting to rehab

Partner clinics will typically offer help for people getting to rehab. In our experience, people seeking treatment may have difficulty here – through the loss of their license, for example.

The 12 Step Fellowship

Typically, rehabs operate a programme based around the highly regarded AA 12 Step Treatment Model.

You will be encouraged to form the very important habit of attending AA (or NA, among others) meetings. The aftercare plan typically includes local meeting information and sometimes clients are put in touch with a potential sponsor for when they leave.

This guide is a basic introduction – the best thing to do is give us a call to chat through options available.

There is lots of support out there – and with our experiences and expertise, we aim to cut through the vast body of information and provide you with straight forwards answers and get you the treatment you need at this point in your life.

» Recovery is possible.
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